Encounter 5 The Hidden Shrine

The room before you is a long dark room. As you pass through the door you see that although the room is 40 feet wide it clearly is longer than 40 feet. With the dim light it is difficult to gauge just the depth of the room.

Standing before you is a hulking minotaur statue wearing an iron crown. An altar formed from a single, jagged slab of stone stands across from the statue, topped with two blood-red candles that flicker with dim reddish light.

Another statue depicting a female minotaur draped in robes and wearing a cruel smile stands in the corner. There is an evil emanating from the statue and the altar. Even at this distance you feel sick to your stomach. You know that if you get within 5 feet of the statue and altar you will be nauseous and take a penalty to your attacks and possibly yourself.

Four humans are sitting around a table playing cards. As you enter (Depends on how the team enter the room) through the door you catch the guards on their heals, but they quickly grab their weapons and get into formation. It is clear that these men are trained soldiers.

Encounter 5 The Hidden Shrine

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