Encounter 7 Wizard's Laboratory

The stench of death fills this room, along with an acrid chemical scent. Liquids of various colors bubble and steam in bottles and tubes scattered across three large tables. The room is roughly 50 feet by 50 feet with bookcases lining every wall but the back wall.

Along the back wall is a desk scattered with papers and a small chest. An enormous zombie, apparently the animated corpse of an ogre, looms in front of a bookcase tucked into an alcove. Three skeletons animated by necromantic magic stand around the central table in the room.

Barely glancing up from whatever experiment is consuming his attention at the table, a gaunt human dressed in dark robes with a skull motif must be the necromancer you seek, the mysterious rider who commanded the attack on Traevus’s wagon.

You have a sense that this man is giving off an energy that is benefiting the undead skeletons you see before you. It seems to be at its strongest within 15 feet of him. “Dispose of them,” He growls, and his undead servants turn toward you.

Encounter 7 Wizard's Laboratory

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