Twisting Halls Temple

Untold ages ago…

A group of noble minotaurs built a grand temple dedicated to four gods of good and law: Bahamut (god of justice and nobility), Erathis (god of civilization), Moradin (god of creation and craft), and Pelor (god of the sun and agriculture). In the deep recesses of the temple, though, the minotaurs guarded a dark secret: a hidden shrine to the demon prince Baphomet, the Horned King who exhorts his followers to unleash their inner savagery, the “beast within.”

Thus, while they presented the appearance of nobility and virtue to the outside world, the priests met secretly in the inner shrine to honor the evil Horned King. The gods of good cursed the temple and its corrupt priests, and eventually it fell into disuse and ruin.

With the passage of centuries, the ancient temple was buried in the earth, abandoned and long forgotten. Over time, though, caves and burrows found their way toward the temple ruins, and monsters made their lairs in the shelter of its stone halls, as if drawn to the lingering taint of evil that still clung to the center of Baphomet’s worship.

A few years ago, a human named Malareth discovered the ruined temple, enslaved the goblins that occupied its ancient halls, and began using it as a base to practice necromantic magic.

Twisting Halls Temple

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